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An amazing spectacle of the strange and disturbing. Cartoonist Sean Smith shares some of his art with the masses on his Blog. Most the the art on my blog is drawn in pen, some is fiddled with is Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I sometimes reblog posts I find irresistible. Feel free to ask me questions!
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Here’s some new pixel art for ya’

Here’s some new pixel art for ya’

Screens from my website

Screens from my website


I am so excited that this video is finally out! It’s the first release from Got A Girl's debut album (which is Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Dan the Automator's new project)! I had the pleasure of making all of the lettering for this, which was written/directed by the fantastic Hope Larson!

Read the full VICE article HERE.

Director of Photography Tarin Anderson
Producer Shay Weiner
Editor Spencer Houck
Art Director Lauren Malizia
Lettering Designer Hannah Nance Partlow (That’s me, you guys!!)
Photographer Christopher Cooper (ART of COOP)
Makeup Artist April Swartz
Colorists Mary Kobayashi Connole and David Cole

Thanks to everyone who worked on this! I am so stoked to finally be able to show everyone what we made!

Got A Girl has an awesome nouveau-retro sound (think 60’s crooner-vibe). You’re gonna love it!


I am not the best at doing a blog (tumbler) as I don’t really remember to put my thoughts down on paper that well. Anyhow I was asked by one of my 5 or so followers what my favorite beat I made was. I thought, hey this is a good opportunity to post something. Then, I realized I don’t really have…


Mr. Bungle - Rough Demo Mixes

Published on May 10, 2013

'Self Titled Demo - Rough Remixes' (1991) (Recorded '89)
Alternate versions and demos of many of the songs off the first album. 
Also some ‘new’ ones.

1. Platypus 0:00 - 7:56

2. Love Is A Fist 7:56 - 12:18

3. Mr. Nice Guy 12:18 - 19:08

4. Egg 19:08 - 26:47

5. The Girls Of Porn 26:47 - 32:22

6. Thunderball (Tom Jones cover, of the James Bond film) 32:22 -35:21

7. Slowly Growing Deaf 35:21 - 41:04

8. Squeeze Me Macaroni 41:04 - 44:54

9. Stubb (A Dub) 44:54 - 52:13

10. My Ass Is On Fire 52:13 - 58:59

11. Travolta (Quote Unquote) 58:59 - 1:04:36

12. Carousel 1:04:36

Photoshopping some Patton Pics…


Lovage Poster

A personal project for one of my favorite trip hop groups, Lovage. Lovage is a trip hop side project headed by Dan the Automator. Stroker Ace is a song off of their album Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. The group is all about smooth beats and sexy vocals, I highly recommend them. (My cat Meemee was kind enough to model for this design.)

This will be a new screen print soon enough!

I truly love this. BTW when the hell are we going to get a new Lovage album, though I am excited by Dan & Mary’s new Got a Girl projret.

Mike Patton Live Show Outfits

I’m going to have to make new ones for the London and Poland shows!

Any other requests?

Brought these back cause I wanted to…

Asker accelgor Asks:
Earthbound? it's an old Super Nintendo game. if you've every played Super Smash Bros, it's the game Ness is from. you should play it if you have a Super Nintendo or know how to emulate it, it's full of amazing art and music.
deathbycartoon deathbycartoon Said:

I’ll have to redownload an emulator and play it! Thanks!

Also it makes me want to make more pixel art…image


Earthbound Fan Art

by Melissa King

also find the artist on -


Wow…don’t even know what Earthbound is, but wow….

(via accelgor)

Bringing this back for UFO Day!