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An amazing spectacle of the strange and disturbing. Cartoonist Sean Smith shares some of his art with the masses on his Blog. Most the the art on my blog is drawn in pen, some is fiddled with is Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I sometimes reblog posts I find irresistible. Feel free to ask me questions!
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Bring the tempo down with this mellow tune from PF himself.

8. Perry Farrell/Porno for Pyros - Tonight

Not really a B-Side, but an interesting rarity none-the-less.

I found a couple of Incubus B-Sides I had never heard, this is the better of the two.

7. Incubus - Rebel Girls

Not into Incubus as much as I used to be. But still makes a nice listen.

I got a little busy, but I’m back…whoop-d-fucking-doo.

6. Radiohead - Molasses

Shit, they have a lot of B-Sides, but this is one that sounds album worthy.

QOTSA have some of the best B-Side IMHO, but this one is probably my favorite because of Elliott Smith, because Elliott Smith was a songwriting GOD.

5. Queen of the Stone Age - Christian Brotherss

There’s probably a whole fuckload of Bowie B-Side, but here is one of my favorites.

4. David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine

(Space Oddity B-Side, but later released on several Best Of compilations)

It really amazes me when I find a b-side from a band that I truly thought I had heard everything from.

3.Sex Pistols - Satellite

(Holidays In The Sun B-Side)

Here’s the second offering of B-Side Wednesday…

2. Bauhaus - Boys

(Bela Lugosi B-Side)

Since I don’t feel like doing any actual work today, I’m gonna DJ you with some Bad-Ass B-Side and oddball songs that I’ve been finding on YouTube as of late. To start you off:

1. Soundgarden - Karaoke

(From the Down on the Upside sessions)

134 plays
From Beale Street to Oblivion




Electric Worry // Clutch 

Well you made me weep and you made me moan
When you caused me to leave, child, my happy home.
But someday, baby, you ain’t gonna worry my life anymore.
I get satisfaction everywhere I go.

I woke up in a super pissy mood. This song came on as I was getting ready for work and I put this motherfucker on repeat and was grooving like whoa. Boom. No more shitty attitude Lisa. 

Bang, bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos!

ARB Clutch

Especially this jam.

Van can be my DJ any day of the week!

There is still 30 hours left to take advantage of our deep pre-opening discounts!

We will officially be open on Moinday, March 31st. You can call 432-5642 (43-Aloha) to book your sessions if you have already bought or to ask questions or to buy packages. Meanwhile here is a picture of our new place (still being worked on)

Thanks to all who have already supported us. You can imagine how excited we are to help bring this technology to Las Vegas!

Our new Maltese puppy Kailani!

Our new eight week old Maltese puppy woke us up at 2:30am to play and poop,which she smartly did on her puppy pad about 2 seconds after the video ends! 

Here’s a post I did spotlighting some of my favorite cartoonists.

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Moz is freaky too.

Too bad it’s photo-shopped, had me for a second though :(


Moz is freaky too.

Too bad it’s photo-shopped, had me for a second though :(

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Cardboard Forest Monster